Dream Big Gala Chair Spotlight w. Kara Dearien

When were you first involved in the Dream Big Charity Gala? I attended my first committee meeting in April of 2016. I was new to CSC and new to Dream Big.

How did you become involved? A friend, Brandy Lackey, who was on the Dream Big committee asked me to be a part of the organization.  She convinced me to dive in head first and join the committee before even attending an event.

What is your favorite gala memory? Definitely the photo booth pictures…they always bring out the kid in everyone. It’s such a fun night, I have too many favorite memories.

What is your worst gala memory or a funny story about something that happened or went wrong? So far it’s been an amazing night…no funny stories…yet.

Why is it important to see the gala grow and be successful? The CSC is able to do amazing things on a small budget and very little grant money. The growth and success of the gala directly impacts the CSC and the amount of help they are able to provide the community. I want to see it be as successful as possible to help as many as we can.

How important is the CSC to our community? The CSC provides services and support to families and children in a terrible position. Without this support, these children would never feel safe or receive therapy, medical attention and the unconditional support they need to get through a trying time in their lives.

Why should people attend this year’s gala, 10th anniversary? It’s for the children!

2017 Dream Big Gala Event Co-Chair, Kara Dearien – Walmart