Dream Catchers

The Dream Catcher Giving Program encompasses our hope that every child is able to fulfill his or her dreams despite the darkness that has clouded them.

Dream Catcher: An individual, organization or business that makes a total annual donation of $1,000 or more. Your donation will be a mission driven, tax-deductible leadership gift that provides trust, hope, and healing to the children served by the Children’s Safety Center.

Since 1997, the Children’s Safety Center has helped thousands of children and their families during the on-set of a child abuse investigation and beyond. Your Dream Catcher support enables us to stand strong no matter what challenges come our way, making a profound and lasting impact in the lives of the children and families who count on us every day.

With your leadership support, we will continue providing critical services such as child advocacy, forensic interviews, sexual assault exams, and mental health therapy. Since we can’t do it alone, your Dream Catcher gift will help fuel the fight to ensure that ALL children have their voice heard and continue down the path of healing.

Over 50% of our annual revenue is funded by individual donors just like you.

Membership is available to individuals, organizations and businesses who wish to support the mission with a monetary gift (excludes sponsorship or purchases made at events).

Monetary donations may be made annually, bi-annually, quarterly, monthly or at an event.

Dream Catchers make contributions of at least $1,000 each year completed in total by December 31st.

In thanks for their generous support, they receive:

  • An insider update from the Children’s Safety Center’s executive director, Elizabeth Shackelford
  • A mailed copy of our full-color Annual Report
  • Exclusive invitations to events
  • A Victory Announcement about CSC clients
  • Recognition and special gift at our annual Partners Plus Prevention Breakfast
  • A personal CSC liaison to contact with questions, concerns or ideas


Make your gift today or set up your monthly draft: